Welcome to Threaded Village


Welcome to Threaded Village. A place where we hold your basket in view (myBoard) while you shop.

I am one of those people with 3 or 4 different fabrics in my basket or hands, I never have enough hands when holding bolts of fabric and I know you know what I mean here.

So during the year that was 2020 (whoa, what….a….year!) I found during lockdown, online shopping for fabric I couldn’t browse with my selection in view, something that kinda frustrated me a little as I am a visual. To paint the picture of me shopping in a store is something like this, fabric in one hand and phone in the other with a picture of the pattern on screen holding next to the fabric to try and visualise it made up and if it would suit me. A simple task normally yes, but I usually have a few bolts while trying to decide what to make, oh and I’m uncoordinated, sooooo not usually a great ending.

After a little bit of thinking as to how can it be easier online and then realising that my basket needed to be in view whilst I browsed around! And that is how Threaded Village started to come to life. MyBoard is where you can pin fabric or thread or a pattern, to see these items next to each other and if they are what you’re wanting. So, instead of trying to hold all of the items like you would in a brick and mortar store, we do it for you on your MyBoard! Bonus is, you can shop with a cuppa or a glass of wine, heck even in your pj’s.

I really hope you enjoy your shopping experience here at Threaded Village

Nerissa x


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