MyBoard – What is it? How do you use it?…

So you may have seen the pinboard on your screen and thought “what is this MyBoard”?!

MyBoard is a visual tool to help you envision the fabric, pattern or haberdashery as a garment and if it is what you were thinking of making.

During the first lockdown while looking for fabric online, I noticed there wasn’t really anything like it, so that is when the idea of MyBoard and Threaded Village started to come to life. You see I am a real visual person, and love to see fabric next to a picture of the pattern, to get an idea if it is what I want to make.

Let’s walk through how to use your MyBoard..

First you will need to create an account.


As in the picture above the board is ready to pin onto. To pin the B&W cotton, simply click on the small thumbtack icon/push pin.


Next a pop-up box will come up with some options, as in the picture above. You will be asked if you want to “view” or “close” I have decided to close and continue looking for some more fabric and a pattern I might be thinking of making.


Here in the picture above you see there is 3 fabrics and a pattern that I have pinned. From here you can view your board in a larger format. To do this, scroll to the bottom of your board and click the View MyBoard.


You are then taken to a bigger version of your MyBoard, as per the picture above. On it is two fabrics and the pattern The Ellis & Hattie by Merchant & Mills. Seeing the fabrics next to the pattern, I get an idea of what each fabric would look like as that garment. You know how sometimes you just need to see the fabric and pattern next to one another, to get a good visual.

If you decide you want to purchase you can so by hitting the “add to card” button, or maybe you want to leave them on your board and come back to them another time,  or you can delete the pin/pins but clicking on the thumbtack/push pin the same way you did to add them to the board.

So there you go, a little about MyBoard and how to use it. This is a visual tool to help match and envision the fabrics, patterns and haberdashery.

MyBoard is here to help you.

We hope you like MyBoard as much as we do here at Threaded Village

Nerissa x


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